“I Wanna Rock and Roll” Voting

Thanks to the kindness and generosity of Howie Klein, an avid Grayson supporter will win ONE of the following items. Vote on the item you'd like the lucky Grayson supporter to receive.

1 - A Green Day guitar autographed by all 3 members of the band – a blue Squier Stratocaster.

2 – The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Platinum Award to Eric Clapton and B.B. King for “Riding With the King.”

3 – The RIAA’s Platinum Award to Frank Sinatra for “The Very Good Years.” This plaque hung in the office of Reprise Records, the company that Sinatra started.

4 - The RIAA’s Multi-Platinum Award to the B-52’s for “Cosmic Thing.”

5 – a rare, framed, numbered art print by famed rock artist Rick Griffin for the Cult's "Wildflower" song, released in 1987. Griffin and all of the band members signed the print.

Vote for the item you'd like a Grayson supporter (maybe you!) to win. Anyone who makes a contribution this week on a special webpage that we have set up, called “I Wanna Rock and Roll” will be eligible to receive the item we all choose. (As will anyone who sends an e-mail to rockandroll@graysonforcongress.com.)

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