Saving Democracy

We are facing a threat to our democracy.

At any moment, the Supreme Court will announce whether it will allow corporations to spend all the money they want on political campaigns, something that has been illegal in the U.S. since 1907.

Unlimited corporate spending on campaigns means that the government is up for sale to the highest bidder, and that the law itself will be bought and sold. It would be political bribery on the largest scale imaginable.

That's why I'm launching an emergency petition today that I will deliver personally to the Supreme Court. Sign my petition now at, and tell the Supreme Court that democracy is not for sale.

I've already introduced five bills that would help to counter the effects of a Supreme Court decision that would change our form of government from democracy to corpocracy.

But even before the Supreme Court rules, you can send a message that we are paying attention, and that we will fight to defend democracy.

Sign my petition against giving corporations a blank check in our federal elections. I will deliver your signature to the Supreme Court, personally.

This issue transcends partisan political arguments. We cannot have a government that is bought and paid for by huge multinational corporations. We must stop this. If this goes unchallenged, then you can kiss your country goodbye.

Thank you,

Alan Grayson
Member of Congress

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