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Standing up to the corporate overlords and their cadre of lobbyists on Capitol Hill makes you a target. I always knew that.

But the Supreme Court's ridiculous decision to allow unlimited corporate money to buy political elections has changed the rules. And though I know we'll be outspent by the likes of Exxon or Saudi Aramco, I know we can win in November.

If people join together, we can create something more powerful than any soulless corporation.

That's why I'm asking you to join me as a member of my "Save Democracy Alliance" and commit to making a monthly contribution to my campaign at a level you can afford. With exactly 10 months to go to Election Day, your contribution will have a huge effect.

Join the "Save Democracy Alliance" today, and we'll send you a special bumper sticker for Alliance members only!

This election is going to be nasty, no matter who our opponent ends up being. The Supreme Court's ruling in Citizens United will unleash unlimited corporate spending in elections.

Undoubtedly, our efforts to stop them with our "Save Democracy" platform make you and me the corporations' targets.

They want to take us out this November to silence our voices. That's why I need you to show them that people power is stronger than corporate power -- that a congressman and Americans with guts CAN win.

Join the "Save Democracy Alliance" today, and give me the "people power" I need to keep fighting for you!

As a special thank you for making the commitment to give every month, we'll send you a "Save Democracy" bumper sticker, exclusively for members of my recurring donor program.

Thank you so much for your continuing support. Please make a monthly commitment to my campaign and join the "Save Democracy Alliance" today!


Alan Grayson
Member of Congress

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