Are corporations people?

It's been a month since the Supreme Court spoke.

Now it's time for US to speak.

The Democratic Leadership has finally come out with a plan. And, thanks to your participation, the plan includes three of our proposals.

So far, the plan would:

  • Stop foreigners from buying our government.
  • Prevent government contractors like Blackwater from stealing our elections.
  • Force disclosure to shareholders when a company wants to bribe and threaten elected officials.

The Supreme Court needs to understand that this is a democracy. OUR democracy.

It's urgent that we act. I'm going to be speaking with a key congressional committee chairman, Rep. Bob Brady, with a simple message: Let's go!

Chairman Brady is in charge of the House Administration Committee. Our bills are assigned to his committee. He needs to hear from all of us that saving our democracy just can't wait.

Please join me. Call Rep. Brady's office in the House Administration Committee and ask him to save our democracy. The phone number is 202-225-2061. Tell him that he needs to move the bill as fast as possible. You can also weigh in at the committee web site.

In the weeks ahead, I'll be keeping you informed. I'm working to include all of our proposals in the final bill, and make it as strong as possible. After all, it's not enough to disclose political looting and bribery. We must STOP it.

Call Brady's office in the House Administration Committee and tell him to MOVE the bill: 202-225-2061

Seven out of ten Americans think corporations ALREADY have too much influence over elections.

Eight out of ten Americans want restrictions on corporate spending on elections.

Almost eight out of ten Americans think that shareholders should get to vote before their companies spend one dime on elections.

Call Bob Brady's office at 202-225-2061 and tell him what you think. What we think.

Corporations are not people. Corporations do not breathe. Corporations do not fall in love. Corporations do not have children. Corporations do not lose their jobs. Corporations do not fight and die in war.

This is obvious to everyone but five justices on the Supreme Court.

Time to fight back.


Alan Grayson
Member of Congress

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