How We End the War

Now THIS is how we end a war.

More than 21,000 petitions since Friday.

Congressional cosponsorship from Republicans like Ron Paul and Walter Jones to antiwar Democrats like Barbara Lee and Dennis Kucinich to powerful committee Chairmen like John Conyers. In total, 7 members of the House of Representatives are signed on as co-sponsors (list below).

And a powerful idea - the 'War Is Making You Poor Act' would eliminate the separate funding for the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan, and use that money to eliminate federal income taxes for everyone's first $35,000 of income (or $70,000 for couples) each year. And, it would help pay down our national debt.

That is what momentum looks like. Now it's time to build on this success.

Call or email your member of Congress now and encourage them to co-sponsor The War is Making You Poor Act. Even if you're in a district with a bad Democrat or a Republican, your voice matters. Members talk and a momentum building movement makes them worry and re-evaluate their position.

Contact your member of Congress now.

This week or next, Congress is going to 'debate' yet another 'emergency supplemental proposal' to shovel billions of dollars towards endless war. We say, enough. We say, it's time for the 'War Is Making You Poor Act'.

So far, the following members of Congress are co-sponsoring the legislation: Ron Paul, Walter Jones, Dennis Kucinich, Lynne Woolsey, Barbara Lee, John Conyers, and Bob Filner.

If your member of Congress is on the list, thank them for standing up for common sense and for an end to the war. If not, let's turn up the heat.

Contact your member of Congress and ask them to support and vote for HR5656: The War is Making You Poor Act.


Alan Grayson

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