The Man Who Would Be King

I was elected to Congress because 171,000 people chose me to represent them. But suppose that only one person got to choose all the Members of the House and the Senate. And the President, too.

That man would be a king.

So meet David Koch, the man who would be king. King of America. The one who is spending $250,000 on attack ads this week, to defeat me. The one who wants to choose all of our so-called "elected representatives."

Shouldn't "We, the People" be choosing our leaders? If so, please contribute to our campaign, and help beat back Koch's attacks.

As we told you yesterday, Koch inherited his $17 billion fortune from his father. Who helped to industrialize and arm America's then-enemy, the Soviet Union.

And we told you that New Yorker magazine has documented Koch's relentless and unscrupulous attack on the Obama Administration, which has grown so many tentacles that insiders refer to it as the "Kochtopus."

What we didn't tell you is that Koch's company, Koch Industries, is one of the Top 10 Air Polluters in the United States. Koch has caused over 300 oil spills. Koch has paid $35 million in pollution fines.

So now you know where Dirty Dan Webster's support comes from. Dirty money. Literally.

And now you know why Koch is so anti-government. For him, no government would mean no fines for dumping his toxic waste wherever he feels like it.

Donate $25, $50 or more to our campaign, and help stop "Big Dirty" from taking over America.

If David Koch chooses all our leaders in November, how long will it be before we have any chance to take back our government from him? Years? Decades? Ever?

We'll tell you more about King David of Koch tomorrow, but in the meantime, if you can help us fight back, please do.


Alan Grayson

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