How the congress can improve the financial literacy of Americans.

How we improve the financial literacy of Americans?

We plan vacations. We pay off medical bills. We save for retirement. Our entire life revolves around money! We want to help our fellow citizens learn about their assets and how to budget them correctly. Alan Grayson talks about how the country can improve the financial literacy of every American!

First of all, the government is involved in educating about the economy. There is a body called the Financial Literacy and Education Commission. It is associated with the US Treasury Department. It aims to inform citizens about financial matters. Moreover, there is a website where you can find information about governmental actions to reach this goal. has information about all daily economic subjects. You can find articles about healthcare plans, purchasing a house, and many more.

Secondly, we support financial writers. Starting from best-selling books to newspapers and journals, we offer necessary information and aid for their development. Our citizens can read issues of the Financial Times or Wall Street Journal to keep in touch with the financial market's economic changes. At the same time, there are many financially oriented bestsellers published by famous authors. From these books, Americans can learn about managing money.

Last but not least, we introduce financial education in schools and colleges. From an early age, our children learn about salaries, prices, and even taxes. By the time they reach the legal age, they will be fully equipped with the necessary knowledge. The financial education plans are currently arriving at many schools and are planned to be in all American teaching institutions.

We do not stop here! Financial will reach all US citizens, with the help of a congressman with guts!

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