My opponent says the Blue Wave is a “delusion.”

My obnoxious GOP opponent has struck again, claiming that the onrushing Blue Wave is a “delusion”:

“Democrats are so deluded that they believe that a so-called ‘Blue Wave’ will sweep through Congress and put them and Nancy Pelosi back in power and, without a doubt; it is that delusion that is motivating Grayson.”

Actually, what’s motivating me is the sense that:

  • People who are sick should get the care that they need to stay healthy and alive;
  • You should get a fair day’s pay (and benefits) for a fair day’s work;
  • Social and economic inequality are way too high;
  • You should reach your potential in life, unchained by race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, poverty, poor health, poor education, or anything else beyond your control;
  • The rich should pay more in taxes than the poor;
  • We spend too much on the military, and not enough on our personal wellbeing; and
  • We need to save the planet.

But yes, I do want to see a Blue Wave this year, a wave that sweeps Nancy Pelosi in and Donald Trump out.   And I don’t want to see just a wave; I want a political tsunami, a national-wide flood.