Trump is trying to end MY healthcare

This is really getting personal. The Orange Orangutan made two moves this month that, if successful, will mean that I can’t see a doctor when I’m sick. Act One is Trump’s response to a frivolous lawsuit filed by the Texas Attorney General, and a few others who can’t stand the idea that sick people might get the care they need. Here is the argument: The Supreme Court held that the tax on the uninsured is constitutional because . . . wait for it . . . it’s a tax. The Republicans just repealed the tax. “Therefore,” (??!?) Obamacare is unconstitutional. To which the Trumpster just replied, “Okeydokey, if you say it’s unconstitutional then it must be unconstitutional, I guess we’ll just shut it down.” Or more specifically, the Obamacare requirement that insurance companies cover customers with pre-existing conditions would be shut down. BOOM! I lose my health coverage, and so do 77 million other Americans with pre-existing conditions. Including, quite possibly, you. Stupid, evil or both? Some cruel fool files a lawsuit, and some other cruel fool doesn’t even bother to defend against it. Someone needs to step up and defend Obamacare – the way that I did, in 63 different votes.  Act Two came this past week, when Trump cut off payments to insurance companies that insure patients with high medical expenses. Trump threatened to do this when he was first sworn in, to get leverage on a bill to repeal Obamacare. Trump’s argument, was, in essence, “we have to kill Obamacare before I kill it myself!” But Obamacare remained unkilled, so now he’s killing it. And if the payments to insure patients with high medical expenses remain unpaid, then: BOOM! I lose my health coverage, and so do millions of other Americans. Including, quite possibly, you. We have reached the remarkable point where denying medical care to the sick and the poor is an express goal of those in power. Or, as someone said a few years ago: The GOP Healthcare Plan: Don’t Get Sick. And if you do, Die Quickly.  

My opponent says the Blue Wave is a “delusion.”

My obnoxious GOP opponent has struck again, claiming that the onrushing Blue Wave is a “delusion”: “Democrats are so deluded that they believe that a so-called ‘Blue Wave’ will sweep through Congress and put them and Nancy Pelosi back in power and, without a doubt; it is that delusion that is motivating Grayson.” Actually, what’s motivating me is the sense that: People who are sick should get the care that they need to stay healthy and alive; You should get a fair day’s pay (and benefits) for a fair day’s work; Social and economic inequality are way too high; You should reach your potential in life, unchained by race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, poverty, poor health, poor education, or anything else beyond your control; The rich should pay more in taxes than the poor; We spend too much on the military, and not enough on our personal wellbeing; and We need to save the planet. But yes, I do want to see a Blue Wave this year, a wave that sweeps Nancy Pelosi in and Donald Trump out.   And I don’t want to see just a wave; I want a political tsunami, a national-wide flood.